The Dominican Secular Institute of Orleans

The Dominican Secular Institute of Orleans is a community of women living the evangelical counsels in the midst of the world. We live in our secular environments and pursue our vocation in daily life. In accordance with the teaching of St Dominic, we strive to proclaim Christ "to everyone, always and in every way, and when it is no longer possible otherwise, even in words". We want our lives to be a clear sign of God's presence in the world to others, but without revealing that we have fully consecrated our lives to God through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

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On February 14, we began another Lent. This is a very important time also for our Institute. We are once again entering a special time of conversion. On Ash Wednesday, each of us attended Holy Mass in our church, we did not meet each other, but we remained in the Community.

This year, Lent begins immediately after the day of consecrated life, and during the Holy Mass on Ash Wednesday, the thought occurred to me that our consecration is also strongly connected with Lent and the time of conversion. As consecrated persons, we participate in the Sacrifice of Jesus every day and can immerse the whole world in His blood, which gives salvation. With this in mind, I go into Lent to immerse myself and all people in God's Love and to bring to others the fruits of the Eucharist, in which I have the privilege of participating daily.