You did not choose me,
but I have chosen you
and I have destined you
that you should go and bear fruit
and that your fruit should last
(J 15,16).

Women of full age, unmarried, who are characterised by strong faith, sensitivity, readiness to serve and integrity can be admitted to the Institute, these qualities being necessary to maintain spiritual, emotional and intellectual balance.

The period of first contacts.
A woman who has decided to join the Institute, after obtaining the approval of the Responsible, begins a period aimed at getting to know each other through frequent meetings. This period usually lasts about 6 months.

Probationary period.
From this stage, formation proper begins. This time is aimed at forming lay people, deeply rooted in the world. It combines a spiritual, doctrinal dimension with learning about the world. The candidate begins to live according to the Constitutions, participates in the life of her Regional Group and formation group. This period lasts 2 years, and can be extended to 4 years.

Period of temporary incorporation.
The temporary vows are renewed annually for a minimum of 5 years. This period may be extended by 3 years. During this time, the person is already living the evangelical counsels, deepening her knowledge of the specifics of the Institute and verifying that she is capable of living her consecration to God in the conditions of secular life.

Permanent formation.
Begins at the moment of perpetual profession. It consists of a constant deepening of one's spiritual life and a widening of one's competence in order to bring others closer to God through one's presence and commitment.


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